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    Average Age (NJ Question)

    I just got on not too long ago and I am 24...I had a couple of more guys in my new hire class were also in their mid 20's ....
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    NJ App.

    Netjets App I mailed my app. on 2nd Dec. and just got an email to choose a date for an interview.
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    Jumpseat on AirTran

    Thanks for the replies...I will check out the freight guys.
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    Jumpseat on AirTran

    I work for a part 135 company and am trying to get to Atlanta from Newark, would it be possible to get a ride on AirTran without actually having an agreement? Any info will be appreciated.
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    Express Jet called me. LOL

    Expressjet Expressjet called me 3 days ago to ask me if I would be interested in coming for an interview... I had submitted my app. to them little over a year ago......
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    tsa clearance for non us-citizens

    I have submitted fingerprints on 23rd May and I will be done ground school in two days. If my background checks do not come back by then, I might have to re-schedule sim training after 23rd June again. I was told by TSA that usually most requests are approved within two weeks after receiving...
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    Who hires Green Card-Holders

    I have flown for a 121 carrier as a green card holder. I grew up in a poor country and even riding on an airplane was never affordable to me, let alone fly one. I applied for a green card about 12 years ago and got it about 5 years ago. After I came here I was able to work and go to flight...