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    ATP Flight School

    Just avoid an aviation career is the best advice.
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    UPS quality of life

    Second year FO makes over 200 bucks an hour, you’re asking the wrong fûcking wuestion.
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    Another lame which airline? AW or Comair

    Avoid I think you should avoid Comair. Hindsight is 20/10
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    Goodbye pension, here comes next pay cut

    Blast from the past Where re did everyone go, wonder if that Genlee dude is still here?
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    Spirit has a real union

    Spirit wildcat strike , love it.
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    Comair Future Uncertain ... Again

    Sad they were sold out in so many ways.
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    NJ to JB...

    deleted, move along
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    UPS furloughs

    system bid is out
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    UPS furloughs

    rumored system bid 28 Nov
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    UPS furloughs

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    Interesting JB ALPA OC email

    If it wasn't for unions including ALPA we would all be replaced by guys who would work for half the pay and no work rules that would eventually be replaced by chinos or whatever was the cheap flavor of the year was. The Jetblue crowd is paid based on the average union pilot wage, thus they...
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    APA and the Jetblue pilot committee!

    I think they have representation in the form of a company endorsed pilot resolution group, or something like that.
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    APA and the Jetblue pilot committee!

    They want to ask what color stapler you want them to use.
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    V.America- u know your pay rates are worse than Spirits, right?

    Yep, like republicans that support unions.
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    Spirit TA

    Only two scabs, no replacement contract flying. Win, win for all pilots. I think the pressure on scab flying is dramatically different in the new Internet world. Would those EAL and CAL guys of old, scab if their name, picture and address was plastered for all to see. It's a new better...