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    121.463 Does anyone else out there think the 5 hour requirement for observing flight operations every year is a bit excessive? After initial training at an airline, I would say a five hour (with...
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    Buffalo News Article about Pinnacle---very good read

    He doesn't have any trouble sleeping because he could care less. He got his $$$. Nothing else matters to him.
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    Need Help with Boat Name

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    Pilots and Backpacks

    Who gives a sh*t? After being in this rewarding industry for 11 years, I have never had anyone outside aviation ask me "why do so many pilots carry backpacks?" No one really cares except other pilots.
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    FedEx Hiring

    I want to get back to a desk.
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    JetPlan users?

    Where I work, we have Jepp (JetPlan) and the rerouting works fine with our GUI. We had Lido OC before and that worked fine as well. The only problem we had with Lido OC was the direct segments. We always had to have LH NavServices build them (or file them as FFS) if there was no direct segment...
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    4-letter airport identifier as an IFR enroute nav fix

    Bill, send me my check.
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    4-letter airport identifier as an IFR enroute nav fix

    I'll try filing a four letter airport in a flight plan route tomorrow at work to see if it gets rejected. If it doesn't get rejected, I'll send you the rubber check.
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    4-letter airport identifier as an IFR enroute nav fix

    I say no and I bet you a $1 million that the FAA HOST computers would reject a four letter airport ID in the route field of a flight plan. Finding it in writing will be a pain I bet. Try ICAO Doc. 4444, Appendix 3 or search the ICAO Flight Planning sites on Good luck.
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    Pinnacle's new staffing strategy. Ingenious!

    What was the flight number and date?
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    FAA To Change Age Retirement Rules For Air Traffic Controllers

    Why won't they change the age 31 restriction?
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    FAA investigating JFK air traffic controllers allowing child to direct pilots

    I wonder if any consideration has been taken with suspending two qualified and experienced JFK tower controllers with the four month construction project on runway 13R/31L going on now? Just a thought.