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    Final nail for Great Lakes?

    Dare I say it.............."c--yaaahh!" https://www.denverpost.com/2018/03/27/great-lakes-airlines-suspends-flights-dia/
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    Elko crash, 4 fatalaties

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    Free CFI Tickets ?

    Further down in the description, "....pilot enters a two-year tenure period as a paid instructor...." Maybe not a catch, but that's where the payback comes from. Depending on details, it might be a great way for somebody to get started, and, as far as I know, Flight Safety Academy is a...
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    What to expect in first few hours of instruction

    Pilotyip has it about right. Let's assume you're talking about beyond an intro or "discovery" flight. Typically, the student would be left-seat from day one. Beginning lessons, say through the first 5 or so, just to list most of the elements: flight and engine controls, cockpit instruments...
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    Pilots and their guitars

    Bagpipes are the ultimate chick magnet.
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    Cessna 414 jobs available in Oregon

    Not a particularly useful website at this point.
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    Vref headwind correction on a CJ2?

    Up front, let me say that I don't even begin to claim to have the definitive answer to this, but, I think TigerDriver's assessment is spot-on. Gust factor, sure, but not a general headwind correction. It really sounds like somebody has a serious misunderstanding of basic aerodynamic principles.
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    BFR for a CFI

    I suppose strictly, you'd only need the flight review for instructing when you need to be pilot in command, i.e. beginning students, or others not yet qualified to be PIC. Commercial training, even instrument training done under VFR, could be done without the CFI as PIC, but pretty limited...
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    simulator instruction

    Huh? Not doubting your statement (I know nothing about sim-school requirements), but, please explain how that works? Just curious, thanks.
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    Radar Knowledge

    Sounds like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQqyeWBZrLQ
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    9 seats one pilot

    Yes, they can probably pay hundreds of right-seaters for decades (all the ramen noodles you can eat), for orders of magnitude less than it would cost to retrofit 1900's with autopilots.
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    Single plane single pilot 135

    Go to faa.gov and find 8900.1, I forget what it's called, but it's the POI's "manual." Sections on single pilot, basic (5 or less pilots), and full operators, along with everything else you'd need to know that's not in the regular 119 or 135 FARs. As far as I know, even single pilot still does...
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    AK pilots...commute from San Juans?

    Don't know about the commuting possibilities, but, just for reference, as far as I know, Kenmore doesn't actually go to the airport on Lopez, rather they land at Fisherman's Bay on floats. Nevertheless, it's beautiful there, pretty cool if you could pull it off.
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    Great Mistakes latest idea!

    Just remember, a 727 has 3 engines, so all questions with 727 in the sentence will be the third answer, C. This will net an 82% correct rate on those questions , 5% more than needed to pass.
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    ATP Practical Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia Area

    Doh! I see that now, they don't offer the ATP certificate program in the PNW. (That's actually pretty lame, IMHO). I actually took my checkride with them back when their "Portland" base was at Salem, but that's old news. I said "Gavin" in my first post, I meant Galvin, and they have a website...