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    Flexjet phildo

    Heard the guy is having a hard time getting anyone to join his aircraft. That's what happens when you alienate all your pilots and show your colors as a Judas Goat....... On another note, wake up original Flexjet pilots. You were sold a huge bill of goods and now you work for the company we...
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    My thoughts

    apparently neither does your haircut.
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    Mark your calendars!

    He won't be for long. He was responsible for the mishap at SGR.
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    Im Ready, UNION AT FLEX

    Says the guy who just volunteered for the "voting committee" (which should be administered by a $15/hr intern).
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    Airnet Info

    W, Thanks for the kind reply. I was harsh on Nick, but I was sick of seeing the same questions that are on this board over and over again. I apologize for being a jerk in my previous post. Peace.
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    Airnet Info

    nick, just so you know, you DO NOT have a job. you have a training spot in a class at airnet. that means nothing yet! if you continue to ask airnet and your instructors the same questions, i guarentee you WILL NOT EVER have a job. by the way, you very well could be next to me in an...
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    Airnet Info

    Nick, Nobody can answer your stupid questions except the chief pilot at Airnet. You WILL not know where your base is until training is over! Please stop flooding the board with the same questions over and over. Actually, I am surprised an idiot like yourself would even be hired at a freight...
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    Effect of Driving record

    The short answer to this is that you are screwed. However, as many posters have said, time will help. I am in Ohio, and your MVR (motor vehicle record) will follow you around for three years. After having interviews at Regionals, most saw that I had one ticket in the past three years and were...
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    Logging Time

    We must see a picture first to determine if the "bikini airplane wash" would be successful. Please provide for further advice. Peace.